Instamojo is extremely simple. Once you are registered & approved on Instamojo live website, you can receive payments right away. Instamojo provides you a personalized url which looks something like (username is your instamojo username), you can use this url to send it to your clients and they can fill in the purpose and amount which they want to pay and they can pay right away.

Now, incase your application needs a customized payment url with prefilled amount and purpose you would need to integrate Instamojo API. Instamojo payments work by creating payment request URLs which can accept payments. Creating a request is as simple as passing an amount and a purpose. This step generates a Payment Request ID.Amount and Purpose are mandatory parameters needed to generate payment request ID.

Once a request is created, you can use the request URL to accept a payment in your mobile app, website or application.

Using the Payment Request ID you can display a payment form to your customers. Your customer can choose a payment method of their choice and make a payment. Once a payment is made, you will receive a Payment ID.

Instamojo Gateways Configuration contains different settings:


purpose: Purpose of the payment request. (max-characters: 30)

amount: Amount requested (min-value: 9 ; max-value: 200000)

Sandbox Mode:

Select the checkbox to enable Instamojo Sandbox Mode


Method Name:

Name for Instamojo method visible to users.

API Key:

Auth Token can be obtained from  (Details: Test Or Sandbox Account).

Auth Token:

Auth Token can be obtained from  (Details: Test Or Sandbox Account).

Test Card:

Card Number – 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expiry Date – 01/21

CVV – 111

Second Factor Authentication Code – 1221

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