1. Go to and sign up as a merchant account.


  1. At the time of sign up use your valid email.
  2. Fill all required business details like PAN, DOB etc


  1. Add your bank detail, note you can add whatever bank name and details


  1. Don’t worry about bank details verification this is your test account.


  1. Once your required steps are completed your account is live if not then write a mail to support team: [email protected]


  1. Now once above steps are complete you can get your key go to Manage Account My Account Merchant -Key Salt copy your key and paste in your code.


  1. Once you follow above step your setup for PayUMoney is complete.


When you redirect to PayUMoney Payment gateway select debit card and enter bellow details in it:

Test Card Number: 5123456789012346

Test CVV: 123

Test Expiry: May 2020


Sandbox Mode:  

Select the checkbox to enable PayuMoney Sandbox Mode


Method Name:

Name for PayuMoney method visible to users.


Merchant key:

Get merchant key from PayUMoney account.



Get salt from PayUMoney account.


Sandbox Account:

Merchant Key: gtKFFx

Salt:  eCwWELxi


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