Skrill [ Moneybookers ]

The first thing you need to do is get a test “merchant” account from skrill. Unfortunately, Skrill still doesn’t have a streamlined process for creating a test account, and their support staff is rather surly, so follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Sign up for a Skrill “Business account”Do not use the same email you’ll be using for your real account.
  2. Sign up for a Skrill “Personal account”. Use a different email than the “Business account”. Do not use the same email you’ll be using for your real account.
  3. Contact Skrill and ask them to convert these 2 accounts to test accounts. It doesn’t need to be a long email. Just something simple like:

We need you to turn 2 accounts to test accounts:

“Buyer account”:
Email: [email protected]
Customer ID: 12456789

“Merchant account”:
Email: [email protected]
Customer ID: 98765421

Then Create a “secret word”

In your new merchant account you’ll need to create a “Secret Word” on the “Merchant Tools” page:

Now that you’ve created your test Skrill accounts and set your secret word you’re ready to add the payment form to your website.

Now that you have everything configured you’re ready to test your Skrill payment. Run through the complete payment process to see everything works how you expect it to work.

After you’ve finished testing your payment process you’re ready to sign up for a real Skrill “Business account” and change the “Skrill Email” field to the email you used to create this account.


Enable Skrill:

Get payment via Skrill in your account, So checked it.

Method Name:

Name for Skrill method visible to users.

Skrill Email:

            Your merchant account email address


Test Account:

Skrill Test Merchant Email: [email protected]

Skrill Test Card Numbers:

VISA: 4000001234567890

MASTERCARD: 5438311234567890

AMEX: 371234500012340


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