The Stripe payment gateway provides an easy and powerful way to accept credit cards directly on the web application. Stripe make it easy to integrate the checkout system and collect payment on the website. The Stripe API is a powerful solution to integrate checkout system in the web application to provide a smooth payment experience.

If you want to accept credit card payment on your website, Stripe will the best option for that. You can easily integrate a checkout system that allows the user to make payment through credit or debit cards without leaving your website

Stripe Test API Keys Data:

Before taking your Stripe payment gateway integration to live, you need to test it thoroughly. To test the credit card payment process, the test API Keys are needed to generate in your Stripe account.

  • Login to your Stripe account and navigate to the API page.
  • Under the TEST DATA section, you’ll see the API keys are listed. To show the Secret key, click on Reveal test key token button.

Collect the Publishable key and Secret key to later use in the plugin.


Test Card Details:

To test the payment process, you need test card details. Use any of the following test card numbers, a valid future expiration date, and any random CVC number, to test Stripe payment gateway integration in PHP.

  • 4242424242424242 Visa
  • 4000056655665556 Visa (debit)
  • 5555555555554444 Mastercard
  • 5200828282828210 Mastercard (debit)
  • 378282246310005 American Express
  • 6011111111111117 Discover

Make Stripe Payment Gateway Live:

Once testing is done and the payment process working properly, follow the below steps to make Stripe payment gateway live.

  1. Login to your Stripe accountand navigate to the API
  2. Collect the API keys (Publishable keyand Secret key) from Live Data.
  3. Change the Test API keys (Publishable key and Secret key) with the Live API keys (Publishable key and Secret key) in the script.

Enable Stripe:

Get payment via Stripe method in your account

Method Name:

Stripe Name for Stripe method visible to users.

Secret key:

The secret key is used for all other API calls on the server-side & Get that key from here

Publishable key:

The publishable key is used to generate credit card tokens & Get that key from here

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