Change Logo & Splash Screen


Open project directory path \src\assets\imgs and here you will see a image logo.png. Replace your Logo with logo.png. Keep name same logo.png

Splash Screen:

  1. You will need to create an initial 192x192px icon and a 2208x2208px splash screen
  2. The initial designs should be placed in the resourcesfolder
  3. The edges of the splash screen design may be cropped depending on the splash screen that is being generated, so you will need to make sure that important design elements are near to the center of the splash screen
  4. Run ionic cordova resourcesto generate the splash screens and icons
  5. You must have added the platform in order to generate assets for that platform, e. ionic cordova platform add android
  6. You can also generate just the icons with ionic cordova resources -i or just the splash screens
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