Setting Up Project

Create a folder with your project name and copy all files/folders. Then the project is started with the regular ionic commands. Via CMD/Terminal you can run below commands

Run npm install to install all dependencies.

Go to your project root and open config.xml file in your text editor.

The first thing to change is your App’s human-readable name. Replace the name inside <name></name> to <name>My Quiz App</name>.

Second, change the id value inside <widget id=”com.ionicframework.quiz” version=”0.0.1″ xmlns=”” xmlns:cdv=”″> to your reverse domain name. For example, id=””. This is important. The id is the unique identifier when you publish your app on IOS or Android. In IOS, this will be your bundle ID. In Android, this will be your package name.

Now Project is ready to start in the development environment.  Run ionic serve to start it.

It should open Browser and you can able to see App running on the browser. If you see any error while running ionic serve  then mostly issue with your configuration  OR do googling to find the issue or you can report me.

To build the project run ionic cordova platform android or ionic cordova platform ios. In order for you to build an iOS app, you need to run on MacOS. An alternative is to emulate the app on a device or upload it to the ionic cloud.

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