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First, make sure you are an Apple Developer by paying $99 to Apple. After you become an Apple developer member, you should be able to go to apple member area: Apple Member Center For publishing your app to Apple, you will need a certification and a Provisioning Profile. And we are going to do that in Xcode.

  • Open your xcode project file generated by $ ionic cordova build ios .
  • Go to Xcode > preference > account. You should see NO ACCOUNT currently.
  • Click the lower left side “+” button and login to your apple developer account.
  • Pick the account and click Detail, it should have a popup to ask you to request Certificates.
  • Pick iOs development and IOS distribution certificates.
  • Close preference window. And you can connect your iPhone and run the app on your connected iPhone.
  • Go back to App Developer Center / Identifiers and pick App IDs under Identifiers.
  • Click the “+” button in the upper right corner to create a new App IDs
  • Give your new app a descriptive name and put in the Bundle ID (The reverse domain name. For example, com.quiz.app you set up in your Ionic config.xml file). And then hit “continue” button.
  • In the next screen, make sure everything is correct then click “submit” button.
  • Now go to Provisioning Profiles and click the “+” button on the top right corner to add a new provisioning profile
  • Pick “App Store” and then continue.
  • Select the correct app ID and then continue.
  • Select the certificate and then continue.
  • Type in a descriptive name like “myapp app store distribution” and then click “Generate”.
  • Download the provisioning profile and open it in Xcode.
  • In Xcode, change the Deployment Target to 7.0
  • In Xcode menu, go to Product > Archive and archive your app for release.
  • Then, you can click “Submit to App Store” to submit your app. (In order to submit your app, please also make sure you create a new app on your iTune connect account here)
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