PUD GENERATOR – Bulk Page / Post Generator

If you want to generate lots of pages using different placeholders and then this plugin will make possible for you. You just need to define the number of placeholders and place that into the position you want.

Most of the process is automated. If you already have to define generic text then select text and click on the add placeholder. It’ll create the placeholder for you and provide all possible values.

Based on the placeholder used in the content box, the plugin will suggest you the possible number of pages/post will get generate. you can control that using Max pages.

You can generate different title and excerpt based on the placeholder.


  • Create Page & Post based on Dynamic Title
  • Control Number of Pages, Author, Status etc…
  • Add & Edit Placeholders
  • Select text and plugin will create the placeholder and put into location
  • Duplicate Placeholder
  • Add any number of text into the placeholder
  • Automatically Create the placeholder for you
  • Ajax Flow for most of the process
  • List all existing generator with different status
  • Check Log in the popup with URL of Page/ Post
  • Save default setting
  • Use for existing page/post
  • RTL Supported

And many more….


Add Placeholders
New Generators
Existing Page/Post
Bulk Action


1Installation Instructions
1) Upload the entire pud-generator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3) Look at your admin bar and enjoy using the new links there
4) Go and manage your Setting & Start Creating Generator.
2How to Create a Placeholders?
Please see here in action Add Placeholder
3How to Create a Generators?
Please see here in action Add Generator
4How to Create a Generators?
Please see here in action Add Generator
5How I can create a bulk pages/posts from existing page/post?

Here is the video that will show how to do that Video

6How to trigger bulk action?
Please see here in action Bulk Action